Storm Damage Repair and Damage Inspection near Raleigh, Wilmington NC

Get the right team to inspect your roof, deal with your insurance company, and repair and/or replace your roof! Call TruBlue Roofing to look at your roof for damages after a storm.

What does a hailstorm damaged roof look like?

When hail hits a shingle, the granules get knocked loose causing fractures to the fiberglass matting that supports the asphalt and granules. Your roof will eventually suffer greater damage due to the weakening of the shingles over time. As the asphalt around the fractured fiberglass wears away, your roof will begin to leak. In Raleigh and Wilmington, this is a problem because wind and rain tend to formulate quickly in this region.

How can I tell if my roof has storm damage?

We talk to a lot of home and business owners who want to know what hail damage looks like on a roof. Unless you’re dealing with severe hurricane damage, hail and/or wind roof damage; roof damage is not always visible and can be very difficult to spot. Even if you think you don’t have hail roof damage, call a roofing expert in Raleigh or Wilmington after a severe hail (or other) storm for a roof inspection. You don’t want to risk the chance of voiding the warranty for your roof, siding, or gutters. In order to determine if your roof has sustained hail storm damage, you should have your roof inspected by a qualified roof inspector.

Emergency roof tarping while you wait for insurance

Insurance claims can take a while to process. We offer emergency short-term tarping so your roof is protected against further weather elements. When a roof is damaged because of a storm, the likelihood that it’s damaged a second time is high. Raleigh and Wilmington sun and wind are harsh, that’s why emergency tarping is important. Protect your home on the inside and out against natural climate causes.

What should I do after a severe storm?

Call TruBlue Roofing in Raleigh or Wilmington and get a roof inspection. We can help you identify even hard-to-spot storm damage and meet with you and your insurance adjuster at the time of inspection. If you’re wondering how to get your insurance to pay for your roof replacement, you’re not alone. We can assure you that roof damage and storm damage repair are often covered through insurance claims (if we had a dollar for every time “hail roof damage insurance claim” or “filing a homeowners insurance claim for roof damage” were searched…). Whether your roof damage is due to wind, hail, hurricanes, or any feisty storm, we’ll help you through every step of the insurance claim process.

Why should I get my roof inspected?

Getting a roof inspection may seem like a hassle in the short term, but there are numerous benefits to regularly checking the condition of your roof:

  • They uncover structural damages and leaks that get progressively worse if ignored
  • They show interior signs of roof damage that can pose health risks in the form of mold growth
  • They reveal spots where air escapes which reduce your home’s energy efficiency, which saves you money in the longrun.
  • They bring to light small issues that cost much less to fix than a roof replacement, thus prolonging the lifespan of your current roof
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