3 Questions to Ask before You Get a Roofing Estimate

3 Questions to Ask Before You Get a Roofing Estimate


Make sure you are informed before you get a new roof

Taking the time to research a roofing company before you get a roofing estimate can save you time, money, and frustration. Most roofing contractors are honest, but there are a few you should be cautious about. If you ask the right questions beforehand and check credentials, then you should be able to find the best roofer for the job. This article gives you three important questions to ask a roofing contractor before getting an estimate.


Do you have a roofing contractor license?

Most states require a roofing contractor to be licensed, but a few do not. It’s always best to hire a roofing company that is licensed because you want a roofer who is knowledgeable about code requirements. Make sure that their license is current. To work as a roofing contractor in North Carolina, you’ll require a state license for any jobs worth $30,000 or more. The license is issued by the North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors and you’ll need pre-approval before you can take the exam. You must show minimum working capital which depends on the size of the jobs you want to bid on.
Hiring a licensed roofer protects you from unethical work and poor work. That’s why it’s important to hire a licensed roofing company. TruBlue Roofing and Remodeling is licensed and insured in NC as required by standards of the North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors.
To obtain a roofing contractor license in North Carolina, a contractor must pass rigorous tests in different areas of work, exhibiting their expertise in roofing. It tells you that the roofer is up-to-date on the best practices for roof repair and installation. Also, it shows that they are well-versed in permit rules and code requirements which is very important for getting the job done right the first time. If you hire an unlicensed (cheaper) roofer, you’re putting yourself at risk for code violations and losing a lot of money on a poorly done roof.


Are you insured?

There are two kinds of insurance that you want to check for: workman’s compensation insurance and general liability insurance.


Do you have workman’s compensation insurance for each worker?

You’ll want to hire a roofer that has workman’s compensation insurance because some roofing companies do not insure their employees even though the law requires them to do so. If the roofer is not insured, consider calling another roofing company because if any of the workers are injured on your property, you’ll end up paying thousands for their medical bills. Ask the roofing company if they insure each worker that will be working on your property. It may be a good idea to get this in writing, too.


Do you have general liability insurance?

General liability insurance covers your home and property from any damage incurred during the project and as a result of the project. For example, if the roofer damaged your chimney or burned your house, the general liability insurance will cover those damages. If the roofing company does not have general liability insurance, then you pay out of pocket for those damages. Always ask to see the insurance certificate.


Will my old roof be removed?

Believe it or not, many roofing companies will use the structure of your old roof to build your “new” roof. In other words, they’re only replacing the shingles! They claim it saves time and money and that they have an eye for soft spots and rotten wood. The problem is if they don’t see the bad spots, you’ll end up with a more expensive repair in the future.
The roofer may tell you that having that added layer of old shingles will give your roof extra insulation. That may be true, but it adds a lot of weight to the structure. If the new shingles are added on top of damaged areas of the roof, then you’ll have more severe damage later on. When a new roof deck is installed, this ensures that the new shingles lay flat and are securely attached. Make sure the roofer agrees to take up the old roof before placing the new one.


Need Help?

TruBlue Roofing and Remodeling has many years of experience in the roofing industry, and they’ve established themselves as top roofers in the Raleigh area. We have a long list of satisfied customers, and we’d like to help you with any roofing needs. Please give us a call at (919) 589-7290 for any questions you may have about roof repairs, roof installation, and estimates.


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