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To Reroof, or Not to Reroof. That’s the Question. The Shady Practice of Reroofing Reroofing is when a roofing company hammers new shingles over old shingles. Is it legal? Yes, but is it best practice? Absolutely not. TruBlue Roofing never re-roofs. Any roof we install brand new is absolutely brand new down to the nails …

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Summer Humidity Damage

Summer Roofing Issues: Humidity Damage Protecting Your Roof from Summer Humidity North Carolina is the home of humidity. You can feel it on any summer day when you step outside from your air-conditioned home. It’s like you slipped on a warm wet suit of heat. Imagine how this heavy, heated, coat of moisture affects your …

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Oh, Hail No!

Ohhh….Hail…NO! What to Do When Hail Damages Your Roof One of the most damaging storm forces to a roof is hail. Whether golfball-size or baseball-size, it’s all destructive to roofs, even new ones. Being proactive is crucial in protecting your home’s most valuable feature. A home’s roof should last on average 30 years; however, when …

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a tree that fell onto a house and destroyed it

When a Storm Damages Your Roof

Just when you think It will never happen to me… It does. Raleigh is noted for its stately oak trees, but when they fall it can cause massive damage to homes and cars. This article offers things to consider after a tree damages your roof and before you hire a roofer.

tree fallen over onto a house

Hurricane Checklist: Top 8 things to consider after a hurricane

8 Things To Secure Your Home After A Hurricane   Torrential downpours, gale-force winds, storm surges, and flooding along the coastline – Hurricane season in North Carolina can be damaging on both a physical and emotional front. From frantically prepping before the storm to inspecting your home after the threat has moved up the coast, …

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