Can I Stay in My Home When My Roof Is Getting Replaced?

A Roofer’s Guide to a Roof Replacement

Can I stay in my home when my roof is getting replaced or repaired? At TruBlue Roofing and Remodeling of Raleigh and Wilmington, we get asked that question A LOT! The answer is “yes,” but there are a few things to consider before setting the dates in your calendar. 


What to Expect

The need to replace your roof can happen at any time. It could be due to the age of your roof or rain/wind damage from a major storm; no matter the cause, having your roof replaced can be an inconvenience. During the re-roofing process, there are a few things that will happen. 

  1. The contractor will first protect your property by using plywood and tarps to cover siding, plants, walls and bushes. 
  2. Then, all of your old shingles will be removed from the roof, and a thorough inspection of your wood decking will be completed. Any soft, wet, rotted wood will be replaced, and the wood decking will be addressed as needed. 
  3. Next, the wood decking will be prepared by installing all the necessary elements to have a watertight roof. 
  4. Finally, the roofing company will begin at the bottom of the roof and work their way to the top with your desired shingles. 
  5. When the job is complete, there will be a final inspection, and the area will be cleaned. 


So, can I stay in my home or not?

To be honest, the answer is based on your personal preference and noise tolerance. A quality roofing contractor will typically replace your roof in 1-3 days, depending on the size of the home and the complexity of the job. The nature of a home roof replacement is rather loud and messy. While the crew will do their best to clean up and accommodate, the process is not glamorous or quiet. Things to consider when deciding on staying or leaving during a roof replacement.

  • Do you have children or pets who struggle with the added noise and mess?
  • Do you have an important work call that can not be interrupted by hammering noises and falling shingles?
  • Do you have the type of personality that struggles with a messy home and feel uncomfortable when things change?

Ultimately, a roofing replacement is a team effort where you will need to work with the roofing company to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible and everyone is accommodating. If you think that the noise and mess will be a problem, consider going somewhere else during the day when construction is in full swing. 


Get the Facts

Your roofing contractor is the best person to talk to regarding the roof replacement process, timeline and different factors that would affect your staying or leaving the home. When you need professional workmanship and high-quality materials for your roof and chimney, TrueBlue Roofing is the company to call. We take pride in providing excellent services at competitive prices! We also guarantee outstanding craftsmanship with a no-obligation estimate on every job. Contact us today at either our Raleigh (919) 589-7290 or Wilmington (910) 319-7249 location.

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