General Roof Inspection Checklist

A General Roof Inspection Checklist

A Visual Inspection of your Roof


Your roof is the most important structural element of your home and often the most neglected. Due to its location and the amount of effort it takes to reach the area, inspecting your roof doesn’t usually make the “things to do” checklist until a major issue occurs. However, checking your roof once a year is something you should consider before an even bigger problem arises. 

Before we get into what needs to be done during a visual roof inspection, it is safe to say that inspecting your roof can be dangerous! It is essential to hire a professional if you want a thorough examination of your roof. When a homeowner inspects the roof, it is more about a quick visual check than dealing with an actual problem. IF you wish to complete a visual inspection of your roof, it should be done from the safety of the ground, through a window, or on a sturdy ladder.

Now that we have covered the dangers of inspecting your roof, we can move on to a visual checklist that will give your roof the respect it deserves.


General Roof Inspection Checklist: 


Visual inspection (outside)

Look for the following:

  • ___ Cracked caulk
  • ___ Rust or wear on metal roofing/flashing
  • ___ Missing shingles
  • ___ Curling, blistering, and buckling shingles
  • ___ Damaged rubber around vent pipes
  • ___ Algea or mold growing on shingles or wood fascia
  • ___ Standing water or pulling on roof
  • ___ Punctures or holes
  • ___ Cracked, chipped, or broken tiles
  • ___ Loose, bent, and damaged metal panels
  • ___ Damaged eaves
  • ___ Damaged skylights
  • ___ Check gutters for proper drainage
  • ___ Downspouts for debris
  • ___ Debris from branches, sticks, and leaves


Visual inspection (inside the home)

Look for the following:

  • ___ Dark areas on the ceiling (signifies a leak)
  • ___ Leaking around the vents and chimney
  • ___ Water stains
  • ___ Surface deterioration
  • ___ Crack in wall
  • ___ Window leaks


After the visual inspection

If you feel your roof requires a professional inspection or are concerned about your roof’s integrity after a storm, then let TruBlue Roofing and Remodeling take a look. You can trust us to inspect your entire roof and provide a detailed written report about the overall condition. We strive to maintain high standards and will make sure to assess the problem and implement roof repairs quickly and efficiently. Call us today at (919) 589-7290 or visit us online at

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