Rain Gutter Repair

Most Common Gutter Problems

As a homeowner, you’re inevitably going to deal with some common home repair problems. One such issue is rain gutters- whether it’s clogged gutters or leaks, here are the most common repairs and how a professional can help.


Gutter Clogs


Clogged gutters cause a lot of damage in the long run, especially if you ignore them. Not only can they damage your roof, but also your foundation and yard. Anything from sap to algae, a clogged gutter can be troublesome. Here are just a few things to look for in your gutters that may cause problems in the future.

  • Sap: sticky and gummy, sap blocks the flow of water.
  • Algae: starts out white, eventually making its way inside your gutters. 
  • Snow: melts, then refreezes when temperatures drop, which can cause structural damage to your gutters.
  • Leaves or other organic matter: get flung around in the wind and are hard to get out of the gutters.
  • Debris: garbage, toys, etc., clog your gutters.

Clogs are fortunately easy to avoid with regular cleaning and maintenance. It’s wise to have your gutters professionally cleaned at least twice a year. If there’s already a clog, remove it by hand or contact a professional gutter cleaner. 


Water Backup

Water backup is another common problem that’s easy to prevent. Check your gutters frequently for water, which should drain downwards toward the downspouts at the base of your home- not sideways towards other structures. If you see standing water in your gutters, you need to clear it out because this prevents potential structural damage to both your downspout system and roof. 


Broken Downspouts


The usual sign of broken downspouts is when they sag or droop because water can’t pass through them. It’s a good idea to have these repaired as soon as possible to prevent structural damage from water.


Leaking Gutters

Gutters are often neglected after storms, but checking your gutter for leaks should be a top priority. If you neglect this task and allow corrosion to occur in any way- this can cause severe structural damage.


The effects of time, corrosion, sunrays, dirt, and rainwater often occur in problematic areas of the gutter. Once you find leaks in your gutter, you can apply a sealant to damaged areas as long as they’re minor leaks. For more advanced damage, you may need to replace the whole rain gutter. This is when it’s best to call a roofing specialist like our team at TruBlue Roofing and Remodeling.


Hire a Roofing Specialist

When you need professional workmanship and high-quality materials for your roof and gutters, TrueBlue Roofing is the company to call. We take pride in providing excellent services at competitive prices that meet all of our customers’ needs while also guaranteeing outstanding craftsmanship with a no obligation estimate on every job we do. Contact us today at either our Raleigh location (919) 589-7290 or Wilmington location (910) 319-7249. Our professionals will be glad to help!


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