Thunderstorm Season Has Arrived

Thunderstorm Season Has Arrived: Avoiding Storm Chasers After the Storm

Beware of the Storm Chasers

Spring and summer are prime times for thunderstorms and even tornadoes. A thunderstorm with enough wind can do major damage to your roof, and that means you’ll be paying an expensive bill for roof repairs and possibly for roof replacement. However, it all depends on who you ask to inspect your roof. If you rely on what the roofing industry calls “storm chasers,” then you may be paying for shoddy workmanship and maybe getting a roof replaced where only a repair was needed.

What is a storm chaser?

You’ve probably been approached by one at one time or another after a storm. They knock on your door and say something to the effect of:

“I noticed your roof has suffered some storm damage due to the high winds we had yesterday. We’re offering a discount rate to people this week…”

They may tell you that they’re very knowledgeable of the insurance claim process and offer to do a free roof inspection and estimate. They locate potential customers during a time when reputable roofing services are unavailable due to a high volume of calls.

Storm chasers even utilize online search programs to locate areas affected by recent strong wind. They can even determine the value of the homes using online search tools.

Bare Minimum Workmanship

Many times these storm chasing roofers are inexperienced and possibly uninsured and unlicensed. Their workmanship meets the bare minimum on standards if at all. They may leave actual damage without repair or fail to restore the roof to its original condition. Cheaply installed roofs sometimes last less than 15 or even 10 years. Normally, a new roof should last at least 30 years. In a few cases, storm chasers do not replace the roof as they said they would. They’ll give you the free inspection, quote a cheap price, and ask for you to pay upfront. After they receive the money, they disappear leaving you without any work being done. It happens more than you’d think.

The number one thing to keep in mind is this: Never pay a roofer the full amount upfront.
A reputable roofing company would never ask you to do that. Tru Blue Roofing has been in the business for years, and they never ask customers to pay the full price upfront. So, that’s definitely a red flag you should be on the look for.

Keep in mind that most reputable roofing companies will not show up at your door without an invitation to do so. There may be some roofing companies that are just starting out, but you can be sure that these roofers will be licensed and insured. You should always ask to see proof of their insurance and licensure.

Another trick that storm chasing roofers play on unsuspecting customers is offering to pay the insurance deductible. Please don’t fall for this scam! This is considered insurance fraud to allow a roofing contractor to pay the deductible. Become well-versed in your insurance policy and laws to protect yourself before ever agreeing to such an arrangement.

Hire a Reputable Roofing Contractor

The best thing that you can do for your wallet and the life of your roof is to hire a reputable roofing company to repair your storm damaged roof. Hiring a roofer based on the cheapest prices often leads to disaster especially if they are storm chasers who lack the experience, materials, license, and insurance. Some of these door-by-door roofers are scam artists who will disappear as soon as you pay your deposit or full price payment.

Don’t be fooled and jipped by storm chasers. Give Tru Blue Roofing a call today at (919) 589-7290. We have serviced the Raleigh area for over ten years and we have the positive testimonials to prove it. Our crew is highly experienced and fully insured and licensed.

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