Top Roofing insurance claim mistakes

5 Top Roofing Insurance Claim Mistakes

Insurance claim mistakes you want to avoid

North Carolina is known for catching a hurricane or ice storm every so often. Unfortunately, many in central and coastal NC have experienced roofing damage as a result of these storms. TruBlue Roofing and Remodeling has dealt with all types of damage from significant storms and hurricanes that have made their way up the coastline and in the triangle. We understand that it can be messy structurally and financially.

Before you file a roofing insurance claim for roof repairs, make sure you avoid these common mistakes that people make when filing a claim. Educating yourself on these common errors and learning how to avoid them will prevent mistakes during the claim progress. It’s important because these mistakes can end up with a rejected claim. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the five top roofing insurance claim mistakes.

1 – Calling the Insurance Company First

It’s a good idea to contact a qualified roofing company before you call the insurance company. An experienced roofing contractor will have a keen eye for spotting damage on your roof and they can document the damage for you. This will help you a great deal once you do contact the insurance company, and it will prevent your claim from being denied. TruBlue Roofing and Remodeling is experienced dealing with roof damage of all kinds, especially storm damage. Also know that any time you call your insurance company, they are adding to your insurance file.  We have had cases when the damage was under the deductible and the homeowner was able to get a quick repair that didn’t cause his homeowner’s insurance premium to rise.

2 – Trying to repair the roof before calling an insurance company

Not only is this dangerous, but it can prevent your insurance claim from being approved. Since you’ve altered the roof since the damage occurred, the insurance company can deny your claim on the grounds that you may have damaged the roof yourself during the repair process. How can you prove them wrong? You can’t, so your claim may end up being denied because of the attempted repairs.

It’s recommended to first contact your insurance company to see what is covered by your home insurance policy. You wouldn’t want to pay for expensive repairs out of pocket without receiving reimbursement from the insurance company first. You can do things like put a tarp across the damaged area to prevent further damage. But do not attempt to do a full repair without talking to your insurance carrier if the damage looks substantial.

3 – Lack of research before hiring a roofer

Take time to research each roofing contractor that you’re considering for the repair job. You can find customer reviews online at sites such as Yelp, Google Reviews, and others. Just type in the roofing company name in a search engine, and you’re sure to find reviews for the company provided that it’s an established one. If the company is so new that there are no reviews for it, then you may want to look for another or research further into the roofing contractor’s background and credentials. It’s okay to ask a roofing contractor for references to contact. If they are a reputable roofer, then they should be willing to give you those references and contact information.

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4 – Not checking your policy first

This is another mistake we see a lot of people make when filing roofing insurance claims. You should always check your home insurance to make sure that your roof is covered. The policy could have expired or may not even cover the damage (such is the case with most townhouse communities).

5 – Lacking proper documentation

This will stall your claim or lead to denial in a heartbeat. If you fail to adequately provide the proper documentation, this could lead to delays that may be detrimental to your roof. If your roof has significant damage and needs repair fast, this delay could lead to more damage.

You should regularly document your home’s condition on a semi-annual basis. This shows the home insurance company that you’ve made a good faith effort to keep your home in top condition. Take photographs of the roof each year to show the condition. If there is damage, take photographs to document it and submit these with the claim. This effort will give you before and after pictures of your roof to show the insurance company. Remember, it’s important to take care of minor roofing problems immediately after detecting them. If you repair them yourself, keep receipts and take photographs of your work. If you hire a roofing contractor, always keep a copy of the invoice for your records.

If your home has roofing damage, contact TruBlue Roofing and Remodeling before you call the insurance company. We have many years of experience in residential and commercial roofing. We are experienced in dealing with home insurance companies and can help you navigate the roof insurance claims process.

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