Replacing a Roof With Solar

Things to Know and Consider

As a premier company specializing in residential roofing, we see our fair share of homes with solar panel systems. Some solar panels have been installed recently with pristine roofing shingles underneath, while some have been on the roof for quite some time, which means a roof replacement might be in the near future. 

No matter what scenario you are facing as a homeowner, we often get asked the question, “How do you replace a roof when there are solar panels in the way?” While a roof replacement, when done correctly, is a relatively standard process, it is complicated with the removal and proper installation of the solar panels. To help answer this question, let’s take a look at the process. 

Be Proactive

If you plan to install solar panels, it is crucial to have a reliable roofing company inspect your roof. At TruBlue Roofing and Remodeling and Remodeling, we service the Raleigh & Durham Metropolitan area, as well as the Coastal area of NC. Whether you need compromised shingles replaced or a new roof, we will make sure to provide excellent service and guarantee our top-rated craftsmanship. 

While a typical roof will last roughly 20-25 years, it is beneficial to have someone knowledgeable inspect the roof before the installation process so critical areas and components are examined. This proactive step will make sure you are 100% ready for the solar installation process. 

Roof Replacement with Solar 

No matter the solar panel company you used to install your panels, a general process needs to be followed when it comes to replacing a roof with solar panels. The first step is to contact the solar company that installed the panels and ask about their procedure to remove the solar units. Your solar company will get a crew to safely remove the solar panels and store them in a secure location. Once uninstalled, a certified roofing company can start the process of removing the old roof or compromised singles and installing the new roof/shingles. When the roof is complete, your solar company will reinstall the panels on your roof. 

Communication is KEY 

While the roof replacement process seems pretty straightforward, there is one key component to the process that can not be overlooked…communication. Communication is KEY when it comes to replacing a roof with solar. It is imperative that the solar panel company work with and be in constant communication with the roofing contractor. This can be tricky when there are so many pieces involved in the removal, replacement and installation process. From the delivery of materials to scheduling the crew, a roof replacement with solar can be an intricate process. 

At TruBlue Roofing and Remodeling, we work with your solar company each step of the way to make sure that the process is smooth and simple. We even go the extra mile to add connection points to the roof so that the solar company doesn’t have to drill additional holes when installing the panels. 

Know the Rules 

Let’s first start off with the fact that TruBlue Roofing and Remodeling is not a certified tax professional. Now that we have that out of the way, it is important to know that there are federal tax incentives to going solar. In fact, some expenses of the roof replacement may be covered under this initiative. While we won’t go into the numbers and the specifics, it is beneficial to know the rules and crunch the numbers when it comes to federal incentives and rebates. Take a look at the website to learn more.  

Professional Roof Installation and Repair 

Whether you need a new roof for your home or are simply looking to replace compromised shingles, we pride ourselves on providing you with excellent services and professional workmanship. At TrueBlue Roofing, we have superior knowledge of  both residential and commercial roofing and make sure to honestly assess your roof to guarantee top-rated services while meeting your roofing needs. We offer a no obligation estimate of the cost to replace your roof and are a locally owned and operated business that provides a warranty on all of our work and materials. Call us today at 919-589-7290 or contact us using the form below.

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