A Quick Roofing Fix Gone Wrong

TruBlue Roofing and Remodeling To The Rescue

At TruBlue Roofing and Remodeling, we have seen our fair share of roofing fixes gone wrong. Whether it was a DIY project or an inept roofing company with shabby workmanship, we never like to be the “Roofing Knights”  that ride in to save the day. Honestly, we would rather be the company that comes in to do the job correctly the first time.  

To help with this type of situation, our roofing experts are starting a blog series where we focus on roof fixes “Gone Wrong.” An informative series where we point out how things can go from bad to worse when the proper steps aren’t taken to fix a roof. 

DIY Chimney Disaster

The picture above is an example of someone using Flex Seal (liquid rubber sealant) or Black Jack (asphalt-based tar sealer) as a DIY fix on their chimney. It is important to note that these products are not a fix for roofing issues. 

In this case, someone had a roof leak at their chimney and tried to repair it with an inferior product. While the sealant used might have slowed the leak and made it so the homeowner could no longer see visible signs of damage, it still allowed water to get to the roof deck. Over time, the roof began to rot, and the damage intensified over the following months.  

TruBlue to the Rescue

The silver lining of this situation is that the chimney was nonfunctional. Our roofing experts at TruBlue took the necessary steps to remove the chimney and replaced all the rotted rafters and roof decking. 

Typically, in this situation, we would have removed the rotted rafters/roof decking and replaced it with new wood materials. Then, installed proper underlayments, counter and step flashing before installing new shingles around the chimney. 

Let us Help

If you feel your roof requires a professional inspection or are concerned about your roof’s integrity, then TruBlue Roofing and Remodeling is the company to call. We can provide a detailed written report about your roof’s condition and will assess the problem and implement roof repairs quickly and efficiently. We take pride in providing excellent services at competitive prices! We also guarantee outstanding craftsmanship with a no-obligation estimate on every job. 

Contact us today at either our Raleigh (919) 589-7290 or Wilmington (910) 319-7249 location. Visit our website for more information – https://trublueroofingnc.com

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