Common Skylight Issues

How to Spot and Identify the Damage

Skylights are a great way to incorporate natural light into your home. They can help ease electric bills and provide an aesthetically pleasing warmth to a room. Skylights are also a low-cost solution to expose your home to extra light exposure, leading to higher productivity, improved mood and lower stress levels. Who thought a skylight could provide so much benefit to a home and the owner?


Downfalls of Skylights

Skylights are a weak link when it comes to the exterior of your home. Over time, problems can occur due to the vulnerabilities of skylights. Extreme temperatures, severe weather, UV rays, high winds and the change of seasons can lead to skylight damage. 


Common Skylight Problems 

Due to the location of a skylight (aka- on the roof), they are exposed to challenges that regular windows don’t face. Therefore, it’s essential to keep an eye on your skylights and identify any problems quickly, so further damage doesn’t occur. 

  • Water Damage: One of the most common signs a skylight needs replaced or fixed is water damage near the edges of the glass pane. A damp ceiling, discoloration and bubbling/flaking/rotting drywall (or wood) are examples of how water damage presents itself on a skylight. In addition, water damage often occurs because of a compromised seal, damaged or corroded flashing/framing or damaged roof cement. Floor damage is also another indicator of water damage to your skylight. Falling water may accumulate on the floor underneath the skylight, leading to the wooden subflooring softening and rot. 
  • Drafts: While a drafty skylight won’t harm your home in the short term, it is an indicator that the seal is compromised to increase airflow in your home. This issue can increase your heating and cooling bill and lead to water damage down the road. 
  • Cracked Pane: One of the more obvious signs that a skylight is damaged is a crack in the pane. While skylights are durable, damage can occur due to large debris, hailstones or other natural elements. Replacing the pane is the best course of action, so no further damage happens and the pane does not shatter. 

Poor Installation

Another skylight issue deals with the improper installation of the window. To avoid this problem, hire a reliable roofing contractor to install the pane. While a skylight can last for 8-15 years, if it isn’t installed correctly in the first place, there will always be problems, no matter the age of the unit. 


Professional Skylight Installation 

Whether you need a skylight install or roof repair, TruBlue Roofing and Remodeling is the company to call. You can trust us to inspect your entire roof and provide a detailed report about the overall condition before installing the skylights. We strive to maintain high standards and implement roof repairs quickly and efficiently. We take pride in providing excellent services at competitive prices! We also guarantee outstanding craftsmanship with a no-obligation estimate on every job. 


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